AutoSwell Pro – professional version of automatic swell volume effect. Soon!


We would like to announce a new plugin – AutoSwell Pro – professional version of automatic swell volume effect. The plugin will be available soon in AU and VST formats.
Being a continuation of AutoSwell Light, "Pro" version got several new features, which will be definitely useful for many musicians:

1. Now you can detect notes using a signal from the input, sidechain or both of them together. Sidechain mode allows you to apply the effect after the other plugins (overdrive, chorus, delay, etc.) but detects notes using clean signal from the sidechain.

2. Detection process can be corrected by midi masseges – you can add notes or disable unnecessary detection. Moreover, you can disable input and sidechain detection and use only midi messages.

3. Adjustable form of the swell attack.

4. Graphical representation of the swell attack form also shows an animation of a swelling process during a work of the plugin.

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