AutoWahTremolo – Soon! Finally new plugin from PechenegFX


PechenegFX presents new plugin AutoWahTremolo, which combines features of the previous plugin PechenegTremolo and envelope filter. You can choose 3 types of filter, 3 types of filter envelope regime, set the sensitivity to the input signal and parameters of the filters. As in the PechenegTremolo you can set the LFO parameters.


2 Comments on AutoWahTremolo – Soon! Finally new plugin from PechenegFX

  1. Hi,

    very fond of your tremolo, I’m happy with the announcement of AutoWahTremolo.
    I’m not sure if sound passes by tremolo before passing through envelope filter or if both effects are independent, but I think there should be and intensity or D/W tuning for tremolo.

    And, please, give up that horrible yellow-khaki colour ! 😀
    Tremolo looks so nice. I’m sure you can find a nice colour you like and that doesn’t make your users queasy. 😉

    Thanks a lot and congratulation for your work.


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