Automatic volume effect – AutoSwell Light


Want yo play guitar like violin but sick of turning a volume knob?
Miss your old Boss Slow Gear pedal?
Or just want to smooth an attack of your instrument?

 We have the solution!

Let us to present a new audio plugin – AutoSwell Light – an automatic volume swell effect triggered by the input signal.

Control Parameters:

  • Time: sets the constant time of swell attack.
  • Sensitivity: defines the response to the input signal. Larger value allows you to detect soft and quiet notes.
  • Depth: defines an amount of mix of processed signal with initial input. 0 – clean input, 1 -fully processed
  • Volume: sets overall volume of plugin.
Available versions:

Mac OS X (since 10.7):
Mac OS X (since 10.7) for Retina display:
Mac OS X (since 10.7) 32bit:


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2 Comments on Automatic volume effect – AutoSwell Light

  1. Simple and easy to use with a great sound? Bravo, excellent…

  2. This is great for adding volume swells to synths (with lots of reverb), turning them into pads. Reminds me of a classic guitar pedal called the ‘Slow Gear’ by Boss (Roland). 64-bit is welcomed. Thank you for offering this!

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