AutoTremWah – filter modulation by LFO and input signal


The plugin AutoTremWah combines features of the previous plugin PechenegTremolo and envelope filter. You can choose 3 types of filter, 3 types of filter envelope regime, set the sensitivity to the input signal and parameters of the filters. As in the PechenegTremolo you can set the LFO parameters.

You can:

  1. use all the features of PechenegTremolo plugin
  2. switch off LFO and use only input envelope signal to control filter cutoffs
  3. use only LFO or a mix LFO + input envelope
  4. control smoothness of the input envelope by the attack knob
  5. control sensitivity of envelope to input signal by the sens sliders
  6. Choose between Low Pass (LP), Band Pass (BP) and Wah filters. The Wah filter parameters were adapted to fit the Vox V847 wah pedal
  7. control filter resonance by the Res knob
  8. control lower and upper filter cutoffs by cutoff 1 and cutoff 2 knobs
  9. swap the Wah filter peaks shapes by the swap button on the filter response plot from the right side
  10. Control dry/wet ratio by the mix knob

To test the plugin you can download the test version

AutoTremWahDemo, Mac OS X 10.15 AU (64)
Try now Downloaded 29 times.

AutoTremWah, Mac OS X 10.15 AU (64)


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